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Problems in Hydraulics and Fluid Mechanics


Autor: Sandro Logo - Maria Giovanna Tanda - Luca Chiapponi
Springer Tracts in Civil Engineering


The exercises of this textbook, fully worked, can be a useful complement to the Lessons and are suitable to accustom the students to perform the calculations applied to situations of technical interest. In some exercises, we propose two different methods of solving, to highlight that the level of complexity of the calculations is often related to the choice of method. In general, we have preferred the
simplest method. Chapters 1 and 2 deal with exercises on forces on flat and curved surfaces and humps. Chapter 3 is entirely dedicated to floating bodies. Chapter 4 deals with some classic exercises that require the application of balance of linear and angular momentum, in inertial and non-inertial references. Chapter 5 analyzes pipeline systems, with particular applications to industrial plants in Chap. 6. Chapter 7 deals with hydraulic systems with machines (pumps and turbines). This is followed by Chap. 8, dedicated to transient phenomena in closed pipelines. Chapter 9 deals with flows in open channels. The Appendices contain some data and formulas of practical interest.

The book is addressed to undergraduates and graduates in Engineering Sciences. In many exercises, some parameters are given in terms of Cu and Cpu, that are, for example, the last and second-last digit of the registration number. This diversifies the calculations of the students during the written tests.


1 Hydrostatic Forces on Submerged Plane Surfaces
2 Hydrostatic Forces on Submerged Curved Surfaces
3 Immersed and Floating Bodies
4 Balances of Linear and Angular Momentum 
5 Pipeline Systems
6 Industrial Hydraulic Systems
7 Circuits with Hydraulic Machines: Pumps and Turbines
8 Hydraulic Transients
9 Flow in Open Channels

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